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We empower organizations to reduce poverty and advance basic human freedoms in economically sustainable ways. We achieve this through business model innovation at the base of the economic pyramid.

We envision a world without poverty, where all people are able to enjoy basic economic and political freedoms in sustainable societies, in harmony with the environment. Numerous organizations around the world—NGOs, social entrepreneurs, companies—share this grand vision with us. To successfully contribute towards realizing it, each organization needs to find an economically successful and scalable business model that allows them to carry out their activities. Supporting this crucial process of business model innovation is ICCLab’s mission.

In a rapidly changing world, business model innovation is not a one-time event—it is a constant process. Organizations must continuously reinvent themselves in order to stay on course towards their goals. Business model innovation is therefore a permanent part of any successful organization’s genome. ICCLab focuses on the entire process of business model innovation, from ideation and enterprise set-up to achieving sustainability and scalability, and from social impact to business renewal and realignment. We seek to sample the entire gene pool of business model innovation at the base of the pyramid, and disseminate it to the world at large through our community of partners.

By helping to empower companies, social enterprises, NGOs, as well as researchers, students, and consultants, we aim to assist 100 million people in emerging economies to enjoy basic human freedoms, including freedom from poverty, by 2017.

From a Small World to the Big World

Our way of working revolves around a “small world” and a “big world”. The small world is a community of  leading academics, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and companies seeking to reduce poverty and promote basic human freedoms through successful business model innovation. Within this small world, we are cracking the ‘entire genome’ of successfully setting up new organizations (for companies, social enterprises, NGOs) enabling human freedoms including poverty reduction while being economically successful. Components depend on each other in terms of impact, so it’s important to get them right in combination. We co-create and combine the knowledge and capabilities with people from all relevant disciplines (innovation management, social psychology, social networks, development, anthropology, etc.); through research & development of new organizations in the field, teaching, and practice; with companies, social enterprises.

The small world functions as a world-class, real world lab where we co-create knowledge and capabilities with our partners, which also ‘primes the pump’ for dissemination to the big world in more general form. Our big world sources and disseminates evidence-based management knowledge and capabilities about the entire ‘genome’ of setting up new enterprises at the BOP successfully from – and to – all companies, social enterprises, NGOs, researchers, students, and consultants in the field.

Join, Expose, Engage, Impact

Members of our small world benefit from being part of ICCLab through the process of join, expose (through website), engage/innovate (matching researchers or students with real organizations for research or development), and impact (the social impact of the individual or organization at the BOP).

We are boundary spanners. We aim to bring the entire value chain (researchers, students/ consultants, organizations) to a world-class level. We aim to empower every researcher, student, consultant, and organization by improving their knowledge and capabilities and to diffuse knowledge of the entire genome. We do this through our small world and our big world.

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